Because bubs, kids and teens matter    


             families are the heart where they grow,

                          develop and learn 



We support families by helping to strengthen relationships between parents/carers and their children.

All families can build



  safety for all children with the right support at the right time. 

The Family Enrichment Project offers free counseling,  information & support around parenting and enriching family life, children’s play therapy, art therapy, parenting groups and resilience building groups for parents, kids and teens.   The Family Enrichment Project  has a team of qualified counselors, therapists and social workers who are passionate about supporting families 

as they repair-rebuild-reconnect  the most important relationships in their lives.

Counselling Services

Families are able to access free counseling and family support with a qualified team of Counselors, Art Therapist and Children’s Play Therapist.  Families can access counseling and support services at our Katoomba, Lawson, Winmalee and Blaxland locations.  Some of the areas where counseling can help families include:

  • Gaining more understanding of your child’s behavior and responding in ways that strengthens the bond between you and your child/ren
  • Discovering you, your child’s, your family’s strengths and making them work for you
  • Learning more about how bubs, kids and teens develop and what helps your child as they change and grow
  • Supporting you, your child, your family as you work towards achieving the goals that matter most to you
  • Supporting parents, children and teens (up to 16 yrs) when times get tough and relationships are under stress (i.e. separation & divorce, disability, bullying, family conflict).

Child Centered Play Therapy

Gateway in partnership with Connect Child & Family Services is pleased to be able to offer free Connect Play Therapy services for families with children aged 3-12 yrs.  Child Centered Play Therapy is a gentle, nondirective approach to helping children with emotional, social and behavioral difficulties.  Because we believe that family are the most important support for children while they grow, learn and develop, we recommend and provide parallel family enrichment services for parents and carers of children participating in Play Therapy.  Parents often need a secure base and safe haven while they provide nurturing and support to their children.  

Parent Groups

Circle of Security:  This is an 8 week group program for parents/carers of children aged  0-6yrs which is based on 50 years  of research into what helps create secure attachments for children.  Babies and children who are secure in their relationship with their caregivers grow up to be teens and adults who have strong self-esteem, self-confidence, increased  capacity for problem solving and more success in their relationships and friendships. 

 The group supports parents as they learn how to be bigger, stronger, wiser & kind  with their babies, toddlers and young children.  The program delivers easy to understand and common sense information that will help parents to really understand and respond  to the needs of their children.This in turn supports their children along the pathway  to security.This group is free.




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To contact the Family Enrichment Project

PH: (02) 4782 5326

E: rachelh@gatewayfamilyservices.org.au  or  annec@gatewayfamilyservices.org.au

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