Family Support Programs

Family Work at Gateway
  • Family Workers are trained and qualified to work alongside families on a broad range of issues concerning  parenting and family life.
  • Visits can happen at home –or another location that suits the family that suits the families needs.
  • Family workers can provide information about community or government resources that may assist families & can advocate for families with government & other services.
  • Family workers can help parents to find out about services or resources that will help their family and make referrals to those services if needed.

      Gateway has 4 Free Family Work Services which

  • provide extra support for parents of children 0-5 and pregnant women -Penrith and Blue Mountains local government area through the Families NSW Family Work program
  • provide support for families with children 0-16 who are experiencing challenging  times -Penrith & Blue Mountains local government area through the Child, Youth & Family Support program
  • Support for children, young people and their families to grow and sustain strong attachments and promote healthy relationships through the ENRICH Project in the Blue Mountains
  • provide longer term extensive support for families with children 0-8  & pregnant women facing significant challenges -Blue Mountains local government area through the Brighter Futures program

Family Work Brochure



Support for Families with Young Children


Young Children are interesting and beautiful, but being a parent can also be tough. 

Families NSW has friendly, helpful and experienced family support workers who can support and assist Mum, Dad and Carers in ways that would suit your families needs. 

Anyone who has young children or expecting a baby, and living in the Blue Mountains and Penrith areas and can use this service.


What we provide...

- Information and support on raising your baby and young children

- support during pregnancy 

- opportunities to talk about your own feelings, experiences and needs as a parent or carer

​- information on services and groups for children and families, in your community.

- A free, confidential and flexible service for all families. 


Contact Gateway Family Services today to arrange an appointment with one of our family workers: 02 4720 6500




Gateway  encourages, supports & respects diversity in families & communities.
 Our Doors are open to everyone.


Strengthening Families, Strengthening communities
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